4th March 2017

Spent the evening in the Bree Tavern in central Londres. Memories of the fight for free education, which we lost. I had to remind myself that no battle is lost forever, just as the end of the world is not entirely final.

I had the chance to discuss Old Latin America with someone who knows even more than me about it. It was a stimulating discussion, and good to hear a more positive tone from someone who speaks from knowledge rather than wishful thinking. A world of action is happening there, imperfect, often problematic, but with real potential to change things. The trick seems to be that people still know how to work together.

On that topic, I see today that the Vermin Party have made one of their cruellest cuts yet: cutting money to help young people who need to escape home. Their assumption is that young people can, and possibly should, always live with their parents. If the people who made this decision are ever at my mercy, I don’t know if I could show any. It’s so easy for a rich society to provide homes for all. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.

There is a path out of here, to a Londres where people can be supported through difficult times. But we have to believe it is the right thing to do, we have to claim it for ourselves, and above all there has to be a ‘we’. I was chatting to Power Fist today about the absence of collective action in fighting for a caring society. She didn’t have many words of comfort, but it’s good to have someone to complain to about these things. If in the end I find enough people to complain to, that would be the beginnings of the ‘we’ we need. Then perhaps we could get some power behind our rituals.