Today I went to a discussion on how the community could control what is happening in the area. We discussed a long term assault, both frontal and through internal subversion, on the institutions of local and national government. The aim is to change the nature of our governing institutions to be led from the base, and relatively immune to the pull of capital. No one can pretend this is a short road, or one on which we won’t encounter significant resistance.

But to sit in a local park in the blazing sun and discuss this is a beginning. The big question remaining: who or what would we have to become to put this into effect? What would we have to shake off? What would we have to leave behind? What would we need to remember? What would we need to forget? I find myself feeling inadequate to the task. Anyone who didn’t would be crazy. But the only way to build our capacity is by doing. We meet together in parks and pubs and the oddest of places and plot.