28th March 2017

Yesterday I walked about in the spring air and pretended the world was not ending. It was very nice. Only slightly compromised by the smell of traffic fumes, since I was working on a busy road. I wonder how much diesel fumes have shortened my life by at this point?

I’ve been writing about why the urge towards collective action seems so faint in Londres. Years of hyper-individualism mean that nobody imagines collective solutions any more. They don’t know how to work together. Even, I would say from talking to people, many are scared of other people, would not trust them as partners in any enterprise.

It’s not quite true of everybody. Dynamo Sparkle has been taking action against the border regime. She may have prevented some expulsions. Since her phone is unresponsive I conclude she may still be in prison, or perhaps has been released on bail and her phone impounded. I’m hoping the latter.

Violence by the state is another reason people don’t take collective action, but violence by the state is an expected constant.