26th July 2018

I awoke this morning to the beginnings of another sweltering day. Deciding to embrace it, I went out for a run. Sweat ran off me in streams and the burnt ground of the local park was like concrete beneath my feet. A nice thing about extreme weather is that it becomes more acceptable to talk to strangers in Londres. “This heat is terrible isn’t it?” And we share a moment of solidarity, and remember that there’s nothing to stop us speaking to people on other days, except habit, and sometimes exhaustion.

But there is something to stop us. I know what it is, but find it difficult to express it in a way that makes instinctive sense. The economic structure of daily life reduces our space to have relationships with each other. We relate to much of our world through commercial relationships, and these take up space where deeper relationships could happen beyond the family. This is part of the appeal to me of co-operatives: they are not a solution to all the worlds problems, but they are a different way of relating to each other.