1st August 2018

The sun is back and so is my sleep, which means a better day with a sense of wellbeing. I have been wandering the streets of a rich part of town enjoying the sun and feeling jealous. Jealousy of the property of others is frowned upon, but mostly by those who own the houses and feel they deserve them, or those with religious morality. It seems to me entirely reasonable to be jealous when I struggle to buy even a basic house to meet my needs.

Yes, I feel jealousy is not so bad as a political principle. It says that those few people have something that we lack, that would improve our lives, and there’s no justice in that distribution. Perhaps we ought to amplify our jealousy, weaponise it in campaigns. We could create jealousy maps across the unequal city, and show the wealthy enclaves under siege in a landscape of jealous renters. Perhaps then those who own too much would feel the need to defend their position. Perhaps then it would become more clear that many of them even made decisions that created this inequality, or at least implicitly supported them.