19th April 2017

The news yesterday was not good. The corrupt and debased Western Monastery of Londres has decided to inflict upon us a Process of their own devising, claimed to be in our own interests, but in fact part of a perpetual game in which they always win. The purpose of the Process is to demoralise all opposition, to suck up the energies of those who believe in the future by forcing them to focus on personalities in the present. There is talk of crushing saboteurs from the rulers’ stooges, as though anyone who disagrees with them is a traitor.

People accept the Process because historically it represented a victory over the complete lack of a process, yet it has long since been co-opted into a channel for spats between members of the ruling class. This time, a particularly vile element of the aristocracy will probably strengthen their hand, enabling them to continue with the punitive approach to poor people, their belief that work cures sickness, and their theft on a vast scale from the public coffers.

I have no desire at all to get pulled into this Process, distracting as it is from questions about the end of the world and what the future might look like, but it will be difficult to avoid. Somebody I am not always a fan of said publicly: “I am weary of this self-regarding country; its terrifying yet mediocre ruling class, its histrionic popular press, its paper-thin civility.”

Indeed. Two hundred years ago in Yorkshire there was an organisation called The Black Lamp. They met in secret in woodlands and moorlands to plot the downfall of our rulers. If anybody approached them, shrouds were thrown over the lamps, and they disappeared. For a few years they were greatly feared. Then, with little fanfare, they faded from history. But I have heard rumours that The Black Lamp never went away, that it is a simmering current within an outwardly compliant population, a secret stream of dissent within society. The Black Lamp, some say, has simply taken a long time to prepare itself.

Wherever there is action rather than passivity, you can be sure that The Black Lamp thrives; wherever there are whispers of discontent, you can be sure The Black Lamp will be there stirring it up; wherever there are those who believe in the future, The Black Lamp is there to channel the rage. So it is said anyway, and I have often felt that history is haunted by something not spoken of in history books. The Black Lamp, some say, is close to achieving its goals, and plans to make its presence felt once more, at first simply in rumour and urban legend, at first simply to spread fear among the aristocracy and their agents, at first simply to inspire those who can bear the Process no longer. The next step after that is unknown. Or at least, how would I know?

19th April 2017