11th May 2017

From an evening of talks and experiences on the theme of Proust with the Curious Brewer. Not something I would have chosen; it was a free ticket, and I wouldn’t have felt the full price worth it. The talk on queer sex as expressed through extended flower metaphors – a Proust speciality it turns out – did get me thinking about the new and shocking, the revelatory. It seems impossible now for anyone to offer anything shocking that has not been offered before. At the same time banal ideas such as abolishing the monarchy are greeted with shock and disgust by people I meet in everyday life. Everything has become predictable, even the shocking.

This is one of the many factors that makes politics difficult in Londres right now. It is impossible to say anything that has not been said before. Though I find myself looking for ideas. I’m still interested in the domination inherent within rental relationships. It’s such an everyday thing, and so unnoticed. But people are very tolerant of domination by their boss, so perhaps only a few are shocked to know that they submit themselves willingly to a form of power that has no foundation in justice or fairness.

I was cheered today to see an extensive article on a website run by the Fundraising Thinktank that agreed with an article I wrote some weeks back. I’m right on the zeitgeist. Either that, or they read my article and were convinced. Oh yes.

I also went to see the oracle by the Tamesis today. We talked of the difficulty of working in groups, the automatic reactions that are created, the question of whether rejecting the identity of the group should be done without consideration. It’s interesting to talk about that: group situations cause fear in many people, but I had never thought that applied to me.

The Tamesis itself was in fine form today, the sunlight glinting on the water along the long reaches, the seagulls wheeling overhead. I found myself sizing up the value of empty plots of land beside it. Beside the Tamesis the empire never sleeps, is constantly woken by the history that flows down it, and through us all.

11th May 2017